Cannabis Oil

Although there have been several reports of cannabidiol (CBD) being effective in some forms of childhood epilepsy, no no licenses have been so far granted by the MHRA in the UK . There are trials in progress in America, but until the results are available we won't know if it has promise as an epilepsy treatment. Even if it does show potential, many more follow-up studies will be necessary before it can be approved by the FDA (the medicines regulatory body in the US); and further studies still will be needed before the MHRA (the UK medicines and healthcare regulatory body) will licence it. The reports to date are certainly compelling, but the numbers are too few to serve as robust evidence. It would be unethical for Epilepsy Research UK comment on the effectiveness of  the treatment of epilepsy at this stage. In the absence of rliable research there is no reason to believe that they will prove effective in eliminating or controlling seizures.

The latest trials of cannabis in the treatment of children with epilepsy suggest a pure form of the drug may be of benefit. But Professor Helen Cross of Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, stressed that the benefit may be no greater than that of one of the new, standard anti-epileptic drugs.Speaking at the 31st International Epilepsy Congress in Istanbul, she said there was a lot of interest in the use of cannabis in treating seizures but that more tests were needed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the drug. ‘We have to be particularly concerned about the effects of the drug on the developing brain in children,’ she said.

Carbagen SR (prolonged release carbamazepine) tablets are out of stock in all doses. Mylan, the makers of Carbagen SR, does not know when it will have these tablets back in stock.

Standard release Carbagen tablets are in stock in 200mg and 400mg doses.

If you usually take Carbagen SR, speak to your GP, epilepsy nurse or epilepsy specialist for advice. You may need to temporarily switch to a different version of carbamazepine until Carbagen SR is back in stock.

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The charity Contact a Family which give valuable adto families of disabled children has shortemed its name to Contact. Their website and contact details remiain the same

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