first aid box

Useful FIRST AID hints

for convulsive seizures and drop seizures


for non-convulsive seizures

This requires only that the person is guided away from any form of danger. They should be offered privacy as incontinence sometimes occurs. It is important to speak to them and treat them gently as they may be confused until they fully recover. Be aware that they may react aggressively when they are recovering either as a result of the seizure or of being treated unkindly in a previous episode.


Usually seizures stop of their own accord. However, occasionally seizures do not stop or one seizure follows another without the person recovering in between. When this happens it is called status epilepticus (or just status). This can happen during any type of seizure but if it happens in a tonic clonic (convulsive) seizure it is a medical emergency and medical help is essential.IF IN DOUBT DIAL 999 AND ASK FOR "AMBULANCE"